Marcellus-Utica Midstream
January 24-26, 2017
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
David L. Lawrence Conv. Ctr.
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2013 Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference

See below for the 2013 conference agenda. To download a presentation, click the speaker's name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2013 Marcellus Midstream Show Report

2013 Conference, Day 1

January 30, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Marcellus and Utica Economics, Production and Recoveries
The Marcellus and emerging Utica are two extensive shales in the Lower 48, but where are the best areas, how much can they produce and at what cost? A leading analyst walks through a forensic analysis of both plays to answer these questions and rank the plays against other U.S. oil and gas targets.

  • Manuj Nikhanj, Managing Director, Head of Energy Research, ITG Investment Research

A Special Address from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett
Producers, processors, shippers and end users will learn of their achievements toward the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's environmental and economic prosperity as they have developed and monetized the gas— and gas-liquids-rich treasure that underlies the state — and of more history that can be made.

  • The Honorable Tom Corbett, Governor, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania — Presentation not available

Capital Access Roundtable: Financing Utica and Marcellus Takeaway
The midstream sector continues to attract ready capital. Here, long-time energy investors discuss the current appetite for midstream investment and what they view as the future of midstream-investment returns.

  • Brian Guerin, Partner, Calvert Street Capital Partners — Presentation not available

  • Mark Teshoian, Senior Vice President, Kayne Anderson Energy Funds — Presentation not available

  • Ben Davis, Partner, Energy Spectrum Capital — Presentation not available

Operator Spotlight: Transferring Best Practices to the Utica
Caiman Energy II continues its Marcellus shale success in a new deal to bring the best practices of midstream infrastructure to the Utica shale play. Learn more about it here, plus Caiman's outlook for additional new supply and demand.

  • Rick Moncrief, President and Chief Operating Officer, Caiman Energy II

Economic Spotlight: Liquids Monetization
How much are those NGLs in the gas stream worth? A leading energy-securities analyst explains forward-price expectations for wet-gas resources.

Processing Spotlight: NGL Strategies
To reject or not to reject — ethane and propane. A leading Appalachian processor, Williams Midstream discusses reasons behind its processing strategies and details how markets determine its operations.

  • Darrell Bull, General Manager, Ohio Valley Midstream, Williams Partners

Liquids Spotlight: Where Will All the Condensate Go?
Having bought an Ohio River Valley platform for crude-oil gathering and transportation, Crosstex Energy Services LP is expanding operations to handle growing condensate volumes, including NGLs, to serve both Appalachian and out-of-region markets. Here is the current and forecasted market for regional condensate demand.

  • Paul Weissgarber, Senior Vice President, Ohio River Valley, Crosstex Energy Services LP

Post-Luncheon Keynote: The EIA's Outlook For U.S. Hydrocarbon Supply & Demand
A leading Energy Information Administration director discusses the current outlook for future U.S. oil and gas extraction, indications for exporting U.S. gas, Brent pricing in EIA forecasting and more.

  • A. Michael Schaal, Director, Office of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Analysis, U.S. Energy Information Administration

Contractor Spotlight: The Big Dig: Appalachian Infrastructure Ahead
Here, a leading engineering and construction firm describes efforts across Appalachia for getting hydrocarbons to users — and forecasts for yet more work to come.

Operator Spotlight: Getting the Utica There, Too
The Marcellus and Utica shales are having a big impact on the way the U.S. develops its energy sources. Here, discover NiSource Midstream Group's plans to bring new sources of energy to market.

  • Jim Avioli, Director, Commercial Development, NiSource Midstream Group

Pipeline Spotlight: Solutions for Oil, Condensate and Diluent
Harvest Pipeline Co. is developing solutions for Utica and Marcellus oil production that will cover a wide range of oil quality and market outlets. Several projects involve a local terminal to load oil and condensate on the Ohio River and a pipeline to deliver diluent to Cochin and Southern Lights pipelines to Canada.

Business Spotlight: NGL Strategies & Opportunities
What are the practical opportunities to produce and sell Marcellus-Utica NGLs within the Appalachian Basin? Successful NGL regional monetization should be profitable, create jobs and contribute to supply chain resiliency. A veteran petrochemical business developer presents his views.

End-User Roundtable: The Appalachian-Made Ethane Advantage
Here, petrochemical manufacturers discuss their capacity for additional ethane and how North American-produced C1 measures up against global naphtha-based operations.

  • Kelly Knopp, Vice President & General Manager, NGL & Olefins Marketing, Williams Midstream — Presentation not available

  • Kristen Holmquist, Director, NGL Analytics, Ponderosa Advisors — Presentation not available

  • Andy Walberer, Partner, Americas, A.T. Kearney Inc. — Presentation not available

Pipeline Spotlight: Kinder Morgan's Cochin Reversal
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners' 1,900-mile Cochin pipeline reversal will move NGLs from Appalachia and the U.S. Gulf Coast to growing Canadian markets beginning as soon as July 2014. Here, the midstream major's products-pipeline group describes the project and its impact on the Appalachian Basin.

  • Karen Kabin, Director, Business Development, Kinder Morgan Products Pipelines

Closing Keynote: LNG Exports of U.S. Gas
While new DOE approval of LNG export plans is in wait, existing import — terminal operators are anxious to access overseas prices for natural gas. Here, find a summary of progress made and challenges that remain in the push to send U.S. gas to new markets.

  • Bill Cooper, President, The Center for Liquefied Natural Gas

2013 Conference, Day 2

January 31, 2013

Opening Keynote: A Midstream Giant's Take-Aways on Appalachian Supply
As the new owner of Sunoco Inc. and its general-partner interest in Sunoco Logistics Partners LP, a leader in the new Marcellus ethane Mariner East and Mariner West projects, Energy Transfer Partners is a leader in Appalachian hydrocarbon transportation. Here, the shipper's midstream president describes the Mariner projects and shares the giant's view of the present and future opportunities for the industry in light of gas, oil and NGL supply and demand scenarios.

The Oil Panel: Appalachian Supplies & Changing End Markets
The U.S. Northeast refining market is eager for WTI-priced oil. This panel discusses the outlook for Utica and other oil shipments, northeastern demand, and how the Appalachian picture is changing.

  • Northeast U.S. Oil Demand & How Crude is Reaching the Market
    Greg Haas, Manager of Research, Hart Energy

  • The Philadelphia Story: A Refinery Partnership of Capital, Labor, Government & New Northeast Hydrocarbon Supply
    Rodney Cohen, Managing Director and Head, Carlyle U.S. Equity Opportunity — Presentation not available

  • The Eddystone Project: Railing Bakken and Other Light, Sweet to Pennsylvania
    Erik Johnson, Vice President and General Manager, Canopy Prospecting Inc.; Eddystone Rail Co.

Producer/Shipper Case Study: Collaboration in Action in the Utica
E&P and midstream cooperation is the backbone of today's prolific shale developments. In this case-study, a midstream operator and its anchor Utica shippers show how high-level discussions amongst the players get the work done as efficiently and as timely as possible.

  • Frank Tsuru, President and CEO, Momentum/M3 Midstream LLC

  • Mark Houser, President and CEO, EV Energy Partners LP; Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, EnerVest Ltd. — Presentation not available

  • Mark Edge, Vice President, Gas Sales, Chesapeake Energy Marketing Inc. — Presentation not available

The Surface Roundtable: The Environment, the Law and the Stakeholders
Industry members, community leaders and others are working hand-in-hand to support sustainable energy development and ensure long-term economic growth for all. At the same time, companies working in the midstream sector must keep a sharp eye on today's ever-changing regulations.

  • Kenneth Komoroski, Partner-in-Charge, Pittsburgh-Southpointe, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP — Presentation not available

  • Kerry Galvin, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Valerus — Presentation not available

  • Tom Stewart, Executive Vice President, Ohio Oil and Gas Association — Presentation not available

Closing Keynote: Moving Appalachian Natural Gas
While NGLs and possible Utica oil production have captured headlines coming out of Appalachia this past year, it is the region's tremendous dry-gas assets that are the backbone of the region. Here, leading shipper PVR Partners describes infrastructure in the ground and to come, and market demand.